opakowania jaworzno kalkulacje

For your convenience we do the calculations as quickly and honestly as possible. However, how much time it takes, depends on the data we receive from our clients. Below you can find the list of necessary details which helps us to properly estimate the price of the package. In the calculation we use honest rules, it means we never include the cost of the instruments (dies, matrices etc.) in the price of one unit – you always know how much you pay for the packaging and production preparation (we usually add costs of production only to your first order).

If you are ready to ask for the calculation don’t forget about:

  1. Construction of the packaging
  2. Information about printing, refinements (coatings, foils, hot-stamping)
  3. Information about materials
  4. Order time
  5. Owned materials (graphics, cutters file, die-cutting net)
  6. Planned printing

Request for proposal

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