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The field of cardboard packaging has wide range of possibilities for producers who want to pack their goods and packaging manufacturers who continuously try to keep up to their clients’ demands, trends and technical possibilities. Below you can find some of the useful information which will help you to choose the right packaging.

1. Construction

Choosing the right construction is crucial for the packaging and, unfortunately, three dimensions are not enough. A file with description of the construction standards of packaging can be helpful when choosing the right construction, you can find it at the bottom of the page. It is good to remember that the dimensioning standards are written in this manner: length x width x height, which in abbreviation are known as L x W x H. It is common that the given dimensions are internal – if this is not the case, make sure that it is understood during the process of calculating and designing of the packaging.

2. Choosing the right material

When choosing the right material, it is important to know what you are expecting to acquire, maybe you have got some samples that inspired you, or you will get inspired after the presentation of our offer. At this point the customer receives information about materials and prices. Cardboards are generally divided into solid and corrugated – the choice of material is often determined by the design of the packaging.

3. Colour, printing and refinement

The color of the packaging can be grey, white or colorful. Printing can be digital, flexographic, or offset one. Coating – UV hardened varnish? Glossy or matte? Foils? Metalize? Hot – stamping?

4. Extras

Holograms? Finger holes with a metal border? Foil window?

Our products

Solid cardboard packaging

The most common structures are Fefco 210, 211, 215, 713 as they give many possibilities connected with printing and refinement of the material, including convex embossing and hot- stamping.

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Foiled packaging

The other group composes of machine foiled packaging ( also known as rigid boxes ), which is made in a process of production where bases and endpaper are put into the gluing machine, where they become a lid or bottom of the packaging. The transport of such packaging is expensive due to its safety.

Laminated packaging

Packaging made in the process of laminating – gluing the layers of the cardboard together, where usually one of the layers is corrugated – gives a wide range of possible constructions and is far more lasting in comparison to solid cardboards. Obtaining similar visual effects combined with durability of corrugated cardboards is possible thanks to machining sheets before laminating. We can obtain the quality of the offset printing on materials, such as solid cardboards with a thickness of 2-3 mm, by laminating coloured layers of solid cardboards..

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